Manpower Group Sanitation lead in food manufacturing Plant in Corona, California

A Sanitation Lead Technician is needed in a food Manufacturing Plant in Corona. Must have 1 year experience working in the food manufacturing industry an also in Refrigerated area.The Sanitation Lead is responsible for ensuring the facility is kept up with proper sanitation while creating a safe work environment


  • Directs and monitors work activities, of Sanitation workers, to maximize personnel safety, food safety, and work group efficiency.

  • Makes recommendations as to what is needed, such as parts, chemicals, training, etc.

  • Monitor housekeeping and hygiene standards in laboratory and other analytical areas in addition to the production areas within the manufacturing facilities

  • Maintain all equipment in good working order

  • Monitor supplies and parts as needed, which includes daily and weekly inventories and ensure minimum and max levels of chemicals and supplies

  • Making sure all sanitarians are following procedures in compliance with the sanitation programs

  • Inspect & investigate sanitation related areas/complaints; implementing corrective actions as needed

  • Assist in operating various equipment (i.e. floor scrubber, power washer) and perform various duties (i.e. wiping down surfaces, swabbing, etc.)

  • Responsible for supervision of chemical usage, testing of chemical concentration, and entries

  • Document cleaning into a Master Sanitation Schedule (MSS)

  • Assist in the development and admiration of Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures (SSOP)

  • Maintain current documents on cleaning chemicals used (SDS)

  • Visual test needs to pass daily QA inspection.

  • Micro testing (SPC) counts need to be <10.

  • Communicate any emergencies ASAP

  • Other duties as assigned

Quality; of work is to be performed to the maximum expectations.

SAFETY First; Employee is expected to perform his work on a safety manner at all times:

  • Company safety rules must be followed (always).

  • Safety protective equipment (provided) is a must wear (not optional).

  • THINK SAFETY while working; SAFETY is part of employee's job and responsibilities.

Efficiency; Employee is expected to be time efficient, and to finish the work on the specified time. Over time must be pre-approved by supervisor.


  • Report to work on time. Unless arranged differently with your supervisor.

  • Needs of absence must be reported to supervisor immediately.


  • Good team working skills and the aptitude to work alone.

  • Must be willing to work flexible hours including overtime, weekends and holidays.

Demonstrate analytical and problem-solving skills. Identifies and resolves problems in a timely manner, gather and analyze information skillfully, works well in group problem solving situations

Cost Conscious - Work within approved budget, contribute to profits and revenue, develop and implement cost saving measures


Must be able to spend the majority of the work shift standing, walking, bending and lifting (up to 50 lbs.). Must be able to work long hours in a cold/wet environment (approximately 40ยบ), and exposure to chemicals.


Because of various circumstances that arise on a daily basis the Sanitation Worker must be able to adapt well, and professionally, to changes quickly.

Training for the above job description will be provided and an employee safety orientation will take place prior to start of work. All employees are subject to a 90-day probation period where productivity, quality, safety along with other aspects like reliability, punctuality, good teamwork, communication and professionalism are looked at.

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