Manpower Group Data Management/ Equipment Repair in Phoenix, Arizona

  1. Manage equipment delivery lifecycle including receiving, repairs, returns and disposition

  2. Audit Data Center and storage location(s) as needed to ensure accurate inventory and reporting

  3. Analyses data in asset database repository to identify and fix inaccurate asset data

  4. Maintain required component and emergency spare inventory levels

  5. RMA management for outgoing/incoming assets in database repository

  6. Perform disposal tasks for on time return of capital assets

  7. Request removal of unused hardware from the Data Center Locations for future disposals to ensure maximum space at Data Center

  8. Work with hardware vendors, Asset Supply Management/engineering teams to understand the details of the orders, quotes, pricing, hardware configurations etc.

  9. Provide updates on gaps, issues, trending, other pertinent issues as day to day exceptions are addressed

  10. Performs other related responsibilities as assigned