Manpower Group Transportation Welder in Windsor, Colorado

Field Support

Transportation Welder executes welding, fixturing and shipment support of Turbine components via rail, vessel and truck. S upports factories with training and guidance in relation to Turbine component transportation. Operates various Heavy Equipment required to store, distribute materials, tools, equipment, and products within establishments.


  • Tack welding, gas metal arc welding (GMAW, flux core arc welding (FCAW), shielded metal arc welding (SMAW) and flame/plasma gouging/cutting.

  • Setup manual welding and flame/plasma cutting equipment by setting parameters and adjusting.

  • Prepare welding joints and repair surface/weld imperfections using flame/plasma cutting equipment and grinding

  • Perform product quality inspections and make corrections as required

  • Operate material handling equipment, forklifts and rigging, to fit-up and relocate component rail fixtures

  • Perform daily maintenance inspections on equipment and correct minor issues

  • Coordinate with Manager and other Transport employees to prioritize workflow, schedules and deadlines.

  • Maintain a safe, clean and orderly work environment by following all safety protocols and performing routine housekeeping and workplace organization.

  • Perform activities of position as outlined in Vestas Work Instructions and Welding Process Specifications.

  • Operates Heavy equipment including but not limited to all Class 1-7 equipment, 20+ Ton Forklift, Tractor w/ 3 point, PTO, Front end Loader, Grader, Compaction Roller, Skid Steer, 12k+ Telescopic Forklift

  • Performs fabrication and repair of mild steel components to base level structures .

  • Performs railcar interface modification according to blueprints and specifications.

  • Reviews production schedule, customer order, work order, shipping order, or requisition to determine items to be moved, installed, inspected, gathered, or distributed.

  • Maintains welding document records, creates shipment manifests; maintains inventory records through use of smart phone/computer

  • Other duties as assigned.


  • Education: High school or GED required; on-the-job/other related experience equivalent preferable.

  • Certification: Any of the following preferable, Rigger level 1, Heavy Equipment Operations, Welding AWS D 15.1, CDL Class-A, rail/truck transport general knowledge.

  • Three to Five years of experience required

  • Essential skills: Welding, fabrication, metal repair, heavy equipment operation.

  • Essential behaviors - team work, cooperation, continuous improvement, flexibility, customer focus, active listener

  • System skills - Microsoft Office, ERP / MRP systems, SAP.


  • Supports shipments of product to customer by ensuring transportation mediums are set up and welded per Drawings, WPS and OTLR.

  • Basic math, Rigging, Heavy Equipment, Welding, Computer basics.

  • Good verbal and written communication skills required (communication/coordination with various departments/colleagues/vendors. Email is also a standard form of communication.

  • Occasional process analysis, evaluation leading to new processes/techniques or knowledge development.

  • Works with a 4-person team coordinating the set up and welding of transport fixtures per technical drawings, WPS and OTLR. Heavy equipment used to transport products to and from storage locations.

  • Works in various locations that will require significant travel. Typical travel is by company vehicle and can include driving across state lines. Typical notice for travel is 30 days. Short notice travel (24 hours or less) may be required occasionally.

  • Required to lift up to 50 lbs using proper lifting techniques consistently throughout the shift. Required to exert (push/pull) up to 100 lbs of force regularly throughout the shift.

  • Outdoors in all weather conditions (company provides all weather gear/uniforms needed), working on rail, trucks, other modes of transport. Work near loud equipment/processes.

  • PPE for this position includes; Fire Resistant clothing (FR), Arc flash protection, Safety glasses, hearing protection, hard hat, high visibility, steel toe boots, gloves, fall protection, cold weather gear, flashlights, hand held radios.